• "The music performed by Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orchestra is a bridge, an integration of traditional improvisational ethnic melodies with modern perspective. Their aim is to translate conventional folkloric rhythms into contemporary sounds, to arouse the forgotten feelings that lay deep down in our hearts and of course to claim these gems till eternity. "Tarpos" being without doubt the best album to ascend from Serbia in a long time, brings the Balkan rhythms to your door with its sincere and embracing constitution…."

    Zekeriya S. Şen Tikabasamuzik, Jul 2007
  • "…Her music today is close to the World [Music] International with indisputably original qualities: a superb voice, enriched with techniques of characteristic Balkan ornamentations, a great choice of tunes which juggle with asymmetric rhythms. Instrumentalists' excellence gains in value through chic arrangements and an impeccable rendering of sound. The a cappella singing is spectacularly successful. The whole content provides for quality and a diversity of international dimension, which amateurs of popular music would also know how to appreciate in their quest for an alternative with a global sound. It would be futile to insist on the meaning: Bilja's CDs express an idea of a pacified music in a world which has not become yet. We cannot make literature by the way of good feelings alone, but we can make good music. On the stage, Bilja has the sincerity and a touching engagement. Let us wish for her comeback for one of our upcoming festivals."

    Stella Warren TradMagazine, May.2008
  • "… There is much to praise in this record – not least the choice of songs, the clean playing and Krstic's sensitive approach to them. But it is the arrangements – mostly by Dragomir Stanojevic and guitarist Ljuba Ninkovic – that are outstanding. The harmonisations are simple but imaginative and the instrumental segments develop throughout the song, taking unexpected turnings and giving up new details on every rehearing. The songs, often sung slower than usual, move forward with the grace and power of a great river. This really is one of the finest recordings to have come out of Serbia in recent years, and makes an interesting contrast to the string recordings focused on Gypsy musicians (excellent though they often are)… "

    Kim Burton Songlines Magazine UK, May 2007
  • "It was a spirit of Ancient Balkans, brought to Histria for the very first time by Bilja Krstic and Bistrik Orchestra, an 8-member band from Belgrade, all of them excellent musicians and singers. They confirmed it by performing melodies mostly remembered by older audience, but rearranged in modern style, which gave an opportunity for Bilja’s finest and gentle voice to be heard and other solo performers of the band as well (violin, pipe…)."

    Magazine "The Voice of Histria", July 11th 2006
  • "Tenth time in a row summer stage under the tower of Sibinjanin Janko in Zemun is a place of mass gathering of fans of cultural and entertaining programs. Festival "Summer in Gardos" from 12 July until 1 September is offering an attractive program. Bilja Krstic was very confident on the stage last Saturday and she and her friends from the group "Bistrik" showed to the audience in an almost two hour long concert how does a mixture of professionalism, knowledge and love for music look together. With a lot of emotions, voice pure as a drop of water and traditional instruments, Bilja and "Bistrik" managed to create an atmosphere that a numerous audience will remember for a long time."

    "PRAVDA", Zemun cultural magic
  • "… In totally full amphitheatre of "Terazije" theatre in Belgrade, the audience witnessed a stunning performance of Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orchestra, an set of most beautiful and most popular songs from the last three albums of this artist, but also to hear in premiere her new etno songs, that are about to be published on her new CD in June this year…"

    "Večernje Novosti" 26.01.2010
  • "Hot Balkans rhythm filled the Sava Center hall yesterday. Ethno music singer Bilja Krstic and Bistrik Orchestra arranged a great concert to the lovers of traditional sound. Bilja Krstic, who celebrated the music of Balkans out of our country and throughout the world, last night showed how our sound can be modernized and presented in a stylish class according to all known standards."

    Magazine NOVOSTI, April 1 st 2007
  • "In the beautiful stage ambient, thousands of ethno-music lovers gathered. I listened with great attention the fascinating voice and tonality of vocalist Bilja Krstic, who, with seriousness of classical music and perfect vocal articulation, started to sing Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, even Hungarian songs, in their respective languages. Some of the rhytms and lyrics were followed by great acclaim of the audience. Sounds of Serbian flute, violin, keyboards, saz, and the voices of all five male and four female band members thrilled me. Ensemble’s First Lady moved us into amphitheatre of traditional and modern – with a bit of Bach, Vivaldi…"

    Sarajevo Magazine "Freedom", July 2005
  • "„Bilja Krstic proudly presented to Serbia and the rest of the world that Serbia is not only characterized by wedding celebrations and low-budget humour, but also there is a place for the magic whose fire can overwhelm the traditional acceptance of World Music. Bilja’s stage presence, and strong as well as refined voice, made applause in Kolarac Hall to be heartful and sincere"

    Magazine "Reporter", 24.12.2002

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